Sunday, April 14, 2013

First karate tournament

Today was the kids first karate tournament. You could choose how many events you wanted to compete in. We choose to take our first competition slow and only sign up for one event per kid.

My mother-in-law happened to be coming down for a one night visit and got to go with us. We had a blast. I know it sounds weird to say but I really felt like a mom at the tournament today. Obviously I've always been one but cheering them on and talking to other karate moms was really awesome.

Macie placed 3rd in fastest kick and the boy took home a medal for fastest fist. Each kid got a trophy for participating and then either a medal or big trophy for wherever they placed in each competition. So we came home with 3 trophies and a medal. Macie has taken her big trophy everywhere. When she walks outside she brings it. When she goes into the kitchen she brings it. She keeps walking around the house saying "I can't believe I did it! I can't believe I placed!" So cute.

We are all looking forward to next semesters competition and I'm definitely going to let them enter at least 2-3 events.
I wish I had remembered to bring my camera because my phone doesn't have a zoom and I was too far to get any good pics of them actually competing.

I'm blogging from my iPhone since that is where the pics are stored so I can't comment above each pic. The first pics are from when we first arrived and they only had their participation trophies. The last ones are when we were leaving. The sun was right in their eyes and they do not look happy. But they were because they had an awesome time.

I can't wait to watch their skills grow over the next few years and watch many more tournaments.

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  1. I loved taking my kids to sporting events! We met lots of great people and have such great memories!

    Yay for you and your kids! Thanks for sharing the pics!