Thursday, May 9, 2013

A not so mini update

Yes I am alive. It's been a little while hasn't it? Here's a little update about the happenings around here...

* I'm in the process of starting up my own personal medical claims and billing business. It's intense. But I'm making huge progress and within a month should be up and running. I ordered business cards and return address labels today. It's getting real!! Eekkkk!!

* I've taken on a little mini babysitting gig. Well I guess it isn't mini because after school for an hour and a half there are SIX.... Count em...1...2...3..4...5...6 kids to keep up with. 

* There is less than a month before school is out for summer.

* I've gotten back on track with my calorie counting and exercise. I didn't have time to work out earlier today so I had to get it in after the kids were home. I almost kicked two of my children in the face during said workout but thankfully I have good control and stopped short.

* I upgraded my iPhone from a 3 to a 4 which means my camera is soooo much better. 

* I've become ridiculously obsessed with Instagram. Like need a 12 step program obsessed. 

* We've made a few summer plans including camping for a weekend with one of my besties and her awesome kids. It will be the kids and MY first time camping ever. Little nervous about it. 

*  I had a conference with the boys teacher yesterday. As I was leaving she made my whole week. She said " You're so awesome. I never worry about Mason because you are so hands on with your kids." I almost cried. Seriously. 

* Makayla has cheer competition in less than 2 weeks. She has worked sooo hard to be ready. 

* My kids have learned so much at Sunday school lately. Sometimes they walk around quoting scripture. It's awesome. 

* Macie got glasses. We are still improving her lazy eye but her other eye became a little near sided. She just HAD to have the Hello Kitty glasses that were the most expensive. Thanks kid. I tried to steer her cheaper but well... I caved. 

I'm sure there is more to say but my brain is fried tonight. Actually it's fried almost every night lately. This parenting and career thing is not for the weak. I'll close with a random pic.

 I'm so happy to have a flash on my phone camera now because I can take sleeping pics of my kids again. 

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