Sunday, June 23, 2013

Besties bday lunch

Today one of my best friends had a lunch  birthday get together. I got there a little early so I could sneak in and tell them to sing her happy bday. We were a group of 5. I didn't know anyone else there but I had a blast still. We were THAT table. You know the table everyone stares at and doesn't want to sit by because they are so loud. Yep that was us. 

We waited and waited and they hadn't come to sing her happy bday yet so I had to go ask them again. Finally they came out and to our shock they didn't do the normal big hat and singing. They smeared whipped cream all over her face and put a cherry on her nose. We were dying from laughter. 

We eat there ALL the time and they know us well so I guess they knew she would be a good sport about it. We had a great lunch without any kids. Sometimes it's so nice to get away. 

Tomorrow we are beach bound!! Can't wait!! 

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