Monday, June 17, 2013

Zoo (when it was super hot)

Monday we went to the zoo. It was HOT. Despite the ridiculous heat we had a great time. Makayla was visiting family this week so she wasn't with us. We still had a pretty large group though. The zoo had an awesome Lego animal exhibit which of course we all LOVED. They also had an awesome water park splash pad. The kids really enjoyed cooling off for a bit in the water. 

My feet always burn easily so I put a ton of sunscreen on them and still got burnt. Seriously I am so over this whole fair skin thing. Our visit ended up being way longer than we realized. We brought a cooler with our lunch and then found a nice umbrella table to sit and eat and cool off. At several points throughout our visit I felt like I was going to pass out. 

We woke up super late and had to rush to get out the door to meet our friends and didn't have time for breakfast. Not eating plus the heat was NOT a good combo for me. Thankfully the chimp exhibit is inside and has air conditioning so we hung out in there about 20 minutes and I felt better. The zoo keepers came in and talked to us and the kids loved it all. 

We love the zoo but the temps were making it rough on us all. We all pulled through and had a blast. 

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