Friday, August 30, 2013

A new bug catcher

Today my mother-in-law called me and said she wasn't too far from me and asked me to meet her and she would take me to lunch. She brought the kids bday gifts with her because she lives an hour away and we don't get to see her much anymore. 

We had a blast doing a little shopping and then ate Mexican food. It was such a good and unexpected visit. 

The gift she got the boy was a vacuum bug catcher. He is obsessed with bugs. He has a bug catcher that he uses daily. This one sucks the bugs up and then the lid flips and closes them in. Once you flip the lid it is a magnifying glass. To say he is obsessed is a gross understatement. He immediately went outside and sucked up a huge ant. Then he exclaimed "Hooray I got the queen!!" It was so cute. He even told me to text her and tell her how crazy he is about his new bug catcher. 

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