Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More school pics because I just can't help myself

I have a few more pics of the kids this morning. I've been making them take before school pics all week. I might make them do it next week too because they just look SO cute in all their new clothes. 

The boy is still not happy with school. I asked him what was going on this morning and he replied "I don't like having to be away from my home and my mama all day." This actually translates to "I don't like being away from my mamas iPhone because I can't play minecraft." He became obsessed this summer. It's a tough habit to break. 

I'm wondering how Macie is going to do today. She has glasses but they are to fix a lazy eye so instead of enhancing her sight it blurs her good eye to make her lazy one stronger. I wrote her teachers a note so they know that when she has them on she can't see good. At all. During tests and important lessons she doesn't have to wear them. Hoping it goes smoothly. 

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  1. Awww...I am sure he really does miss his mama during the day!

    I have a lazy eye too and had exercises that I had to do when I was a kid.