Sunday, September 8, 2013

A great family night

Some of you may remember last year (I think in October) we got an awesome family night out for free because the place wanted to hire hubs. He ended up not taking the job because they couldn't offer the pay he needed. 

Well they called hubs a year later and told him they had a new position open and could match his pay if not better. Once again they told him to bring his wife and kids and have a great night on them. 

It was another wonderful time. We ate the yummy buffet and played lots of games. Hubs even convinced the kids to all ride the indoor roller coaster. I rode with them and it was so fun but scary. Afterwards the boy and Makayla cried and cried. They finally calmed down and we turned in all our tickets and headed to the prize shop. Boy ended up getting a glowing sword and the girls got some little random stuff. 

Another great family night. For FREE. It was a value of over $200. So neat that we had the opportunity again. 

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  1. What an awesome night....and for free too!!!! Great way to spend the night as a family!