Thursday, September 19, 2013

Halloween (in September)

I *might* have put out our halloween decorations today. I'm off for the next couple days and I decided to focus on refreshing both my body and our home. After I dropped the kids off at school I came home and slept for an additional 3 hours. Then I woke up and began cleaning the house top to bottom and refreshing every thing. It only makes sense that I would bring out the fall and halloween stuff right? 

I tried to wait until October. I really really did but I failed. I'm not the least bit sorry though. The kids were so excited to come home to it and I also have plans to make a trip to Target this weekend to get  more. Last year I didn't really want to decorate much. This year I am in the mood big time and our house is going to look like the Griswalds only halloween style. 

It felt good to be able to just stay home today and focus on the house. More halloween and fall decor pics coming soon. 

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