Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The hard reality

There's so much I want to post about. It's not happening any time soon. The reality is that there is no time. At all. For anything. I finally today had to embrace the fact that at least for a while we are going to be having frozen lasagnas and boxed meals for a while every night. I have NO time to cook. It's just ridiculous. So tomorrow when I go grocery shopping I'm just giving in. 

I won't even see the kids after Friday morning until Sunday night. Hubs works 12 hour days 6 days a week and with my schedule there is no choice but for my aunt to have them. We just all have to adapt. Cheer and karate are starting back up next week as well. I seriously am  panicking. 

I'll check in when I can. I cleaned off my nightstand today and when it was done I snapped this pic because it perfectly explains my life right now. A back that hurts so bad I can barely move and horrible insomnia because I can't shut down my mind at night. Nighttime lotion and calming air freshner for the win! 


  1. Oh I can so relate.. I am volunteering full time, getting ready to teach 3 after school classes, and am taking an online course.. lots of freezer meals for us, I put everyone on a chore chart, make lunches the night before, lay out clothes the night before and spend Sunday making freezer meals and meal kits for the week..

    where are you working at?

  2. My crock pot is my best friend during really busy times! I have learned to make so much in it! Also, freezer meals like Linda said!

  3. oh...and there is NOTHING wrong with boxed meals either!!!