Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cheer starts!

Cheer officially started up again on Friday for Makayla. She lives for cheer. When we signed her up last year I had NO idea that she would become so in love with it. It's where her heart is. They are already deep into their new routine for competition. 

We are now past the point of busy as the kids are now in karate, cheer, show choir and history club. They are only in elementary school. OY!!! This is intense. 

This is just a super quick post because I have to get ready for my 2nd 9 hour shift this weekend. I think I need to take the PT out of my side bio. 35 hours a week isn't exactly part time. 

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  1. My daughter cheered for the hs football team for 4 years and loved it! They also did some competition cheer, not much though. LOTS of time into getting those routines down!