Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This and that

Yesterday karate started back up again. The kids were so happy until we got there and discovered they have a new sensai. They almost quit but I told them that we just have to get to know the new one and it would be ok. It was stressful. 

On top of that I worked 24 hours Friday-Sunday and now I am scheduled for 6 out of 7 days and 35 hours this week. I am part time. When my manager asked if I wanted extra shifts I said yes. The computer screen told her that it was illegal to schedule me so much if she didn't have my permission. I gave it to her. I am exhausted. My aunt picked the kids up Friday and then I got them Sunday night after I got off. We got home a little after 9:00. 

I never knew the meaning off exhausted until now. Hubs came home with a trampoline for the kids last night! His friends didn't want it anymore so we got it. We are going to break the pool down since it was done anyway and put the trampoline back there. It even has the safety netting. Score! 

So that's my little mini update. I have a few pics I'll come back and post but for now I figured this quote would pretty much sum it all up. 

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