Sunday, November 24, 2013

Life and stuff

The kids are out of school for 9 days. I work 8 of them and have 46.5 hours for the week. I won't see them. Not even on Thanksgiving because I work retail. The boy quit karate now too. I just wasn't getting my money's worth so until they hire a sensai who should be there we are out. Cheer is still going strong though. Competition coming up the middle of December. 

Yesterday Macie had her first show choir performance at a church. They were sooo cute. I took her and then rushed home and got the kids sent off with my aunt and then went to work until 11:00 pm. 

I've started putting out our Christmas decorations. So very excited even though I am working ridiculous hours right now for the holidays. I've gotta tell you that holiday customers are NOT festive and nice. I bite my tongue pretty much every 5 minutes at work. I do enjoy that thing called a paycheck though. 

There's not really anything major to report right now. Just struggling to squeeze enough hours out of each day. 

I took a bunch of pics of Macies performance yesterday however I won't post other people's kids without permission. I did take a couple totally unimportant ones while waiting for the show to start. The church had pretty stained glass. 

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  1. I worked retail quite a few years ago and I totally agree with you, lots of people are not happy shoppers! So hard to bite your tongue and not say anything, especially when getting your butt chewed by a rude customer. And those hours especially around the holidays are just CRAZY!