Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Small catch up

Here's some quick random things that have been going on around here. 

* hubs got me completely obsessed with watching The Walking Dead on Netflix. I went through all 3 seasons on there in about a week. I stayed up until 2 am almost every night to finish. I don't like zombie movies. At all. This series is amazing even if you don't like zombies. Seriously. I am obsessed.

* Macie quit karate. I can't really blame her. They got a new sensai this term and well.... No one is really happy. He's nice but doesn't hold the kids attention and there is a serious lack of discipline during class. That doesn't fly when you are trying to teach self defense. The boy is still in it but doesn't love it like last semester. During the spring Macie might start again if a new sensai is brought in. 

* I'm working hard. I actually have today off so I'm using it to catch up on housework. 

* I am obsessed with my Keurig. I don't know how people lived before this invention. Best thing EVER for a working mom who has NO time in the mornings for anything. (Another HUGE thanks to my fam who gave it to me.) 

* I had dinner with the kids school nurse who I volunteered with so much last year. She is at a new school this year but it was sooooo much fun to catch up with her. 

I don't have anything terribly exciting to post about. I have halloween pics I need to get up soon. Life is so busy. I don't have any words for it. 

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  1. My Husband also got me watching the walking dead. I hate Zombies. I have had a couple of night mares but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Have you seen Breaking Bad? If you haven't I highly reccomend it. I love how you watch the main cast change personalities as the series roll on. We currently have no TV living very rural and there is no antenna on this house so we have been hounding through some series of an evening,