Monday, January 27, 2014

State Cheer Competition

I think I posted a few weeks ago that Makayla and her cheer team placed 2nd at their regional competition so they earned a place at state competition. Yesterday was the day! Competition was FIERCE! I mean seriously intense and close. 

Our girls placed 3rd!! They were a little disappointed but with such tough competition I think they did great! I'm always amazed at how Makayla gets out there and competes when she doesn't like anyone to watch her. She has definitely faced her fear and now has no problem dancing in front of hundreds of people. So proud of her. Cheer has been amazing for her. 

There are times when the cost gets to be way too stressful on us and I contemplate pulling her. But in all honesty I will always find a way to pay for it because the benefits to her self esteem are priceless. 

We had a great time together yesterday and I'm glad we could enjoy it together. 

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  1. Fun! Her eye make up is amazing! I need to learn how to do that on myself! :) Congratulations on third place!