Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scary ER visit

On Sunday I picked the kids up from my aunts after work. I got there around 9:30p.m. My aunt said Macie was having a hard time breathing. I thought ok she's getting sick. But then it quickly became clear that something was wrong. Macie does NOT complain and she was basically in tears. I ended up speeding home and dropping the other 2 with hubs and then racing to the ER. I ran in holding her and went straight to the counter saying "help she can't breathe!" 

She said it was like a knife stabbing her in the chest and she was gasping. Thankfully she tested at 100% oxygen. They put us in a room and did X-rays. Nothing. No explanation. While waiting in the room her symptoms went as quickly as they came. 

It was a very long night. A 9 hr work shift followed by 4 hours in the ER. She is perfectly fine now. They think her anxiety made it appear 10 times worse than it was. I was scared. Really scared. Thankful it's ok now. 

She held onto her beloved baby all night. The doctor even talked to her baby. It was really sweet. Even when she was in pain she didn't let go of her. 

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