Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Zeus update

We had a few really rough days with Zeus last week. He stopped going to the bathroom outside completely and started getting out of his metal cage when we were at work. I came home one day to my kitchen blinds torn up, dishes knocked off the counter and way more messes than I care to talk about. I opened the door from a long day and saw all of it and just started crying. It was too much for me to handle. I text hubs telling him that we either go spend money on a better kennel or the dog was going. I went to petco and got a really good one and he started acting much better. 

Hubs came up with the idea of letting him out back to use the restroom instead of always walking him because he wasnt going at ALL outside. His idea was brilliant! Something clicked in Zeus and he now uses the restroom perfectly out back every time we let him out and he hasn't had a single accident in the house since. 

He roams the house when we are home and is crated when we are all gone and at night. We are working towards him being house trained enough to stay out the whole night. Baby steps. 

He has gotten use to all of us and is the ultimate lap dog. He literally follows us to every single room we move around to and has to be laying on us or near us every second we are home. 

I am definitely more of a cat person usually but this dog has stolen my heart. I LOVE him and he and I have truly bonded.  He has turned into the most adorable and good dog. 

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