Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thunder and a new tablet

I'm trying to get better at posting again. The other night we had a storm come through unexpectedly and the thunder literally shook the house and the beds. The kids were terrified and I must admit I ran to the door to make sure there wasn't a tornado. I've never experienced anything like that before. All was well thankfully but the kids were so scared. The girls ended up on the floor in our bedroom and the boy in bed with me. Hubs and the dog on the couch. We all slept pretty good all cozied up for the night. 

I came home on Sunday night to the surprise of hubs giving me a new tablet. He got a great deal when he upgraded his phone and got it for me. I haven't had time to really play with it yet but I can't wait. 

I'm going to try to update every few days instead of every few months like I have been. Life just kinda got too busy to really blog but its important to me to document our lives so I'm slowly making my way back. 

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