Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flat tire and a storm (at the same time)

Last Friday I took Makayla to cheer practice and dropped her off. They were having a 2 hour practice instead of a 1 hour like usual. I left the boy and Macie at home with hubs. I didn't get 5 minutes down the road from practice when I realized I had a completely flat tire. Great.

So I called hubs and told him what happened. And then I waited. And waited. He went to the wrong place! He drove to the complete opposite side of town because he didn't realize what parking lot I was talking about. To make matters worse a huge storm was blowing in and Makayla had to be picked up still. He hurries to me and takes the tire off and we make it to the tire place as they are closing. We had to throw them an extra $10 as a tip and when we made it back to the van it was starting to rain. So there hubs was in the rain fixing my tire. He was NOT happy. Moods and attitudes were flying from everyone. But we got the van fixed in time to get Makayla.

 I took a few pics of the kids in dads backseat and a few of the storm.


  1. yay! I found you again! I used to read your blog religiously years ago when i had a blog of my own but i let it go. Now that im back for good i made it a mission to find my old favs and you were one! ah im so glad lol Wow the kids have grown! :)

  2. Awww that's so sweet of you. I'm glad you found me again too :-)