Monday, March 17, 2014

Unbelievably sick

For spring break my bestfriend asked me if she could take the kids for a couple of days... Um... YEA. I dropped them off Sunday night and picked them back up Wednesday  evening. They had a blast and all that but when I got there Makayla wasn't feeling well. She was feeling very nauseous. I stayed a couple of hours to have dinner and hang out and by the time we left Makayla was vomiting. We had a LONG drive home so my bestie packed us some bags just in case she needed them. 

It's about an hour drive and most of it is through the dark country roads. Less than halfway through the trip Macie joins her sister with the vomiting. Seriously? So then I had 2 puking kids at 11:00 while I'm trying to focus on the road. 

We somehow by the grace of God made it home safely. I set up little blankets on the floor for the girls so they wouldn't run the risk of ruining their beds. They couldn't keep anything down. We were all up the entire night. It was awful. About 12 hrs later they were over it. My friend also got sick along with her kids.

Now fast forward to Saturday night. I worked all day and made it home a little before 11:00pm. I had felt weird all day but more like an anxious feeling so I figured it was just stress and nerves. I ate something for a quick dinner and around 11:15 I started vomiting. And DID NOT STOP. By 9:00 the next morning I had thrown up over 30 times and was so dehydrated I could barely walk. Obviously I had to call into work and hubs took me to the ER. 

I was there over 7 hours with IV fluids, nausea meds and pain relievers being forced into me. I was sooo sick. My heart rate was off because I was so dehydrated they said. I was in so much pain they gave me a shot of morphine to help. After that they released me and I started the slooooow recovery at home. This is day 3 of me calling in and I am better. Just not anywhere near 100%. I have no idea why everyone else was over it in 12 hours and mine lingered on and on. The only time I can remember being this sick was when I was pregnant with Makayla and got food poisoning. 

I'm praying this is behind us now and it doesn't reappear. 

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  1. Sounds like the flu going around here too! Mostly a 12 hour flu but every once in awhile someone has had to go to the ER for fluids. We have been lucky so far, just one of us has gotten it and hers only lasted the 12 hours.