Friday, November 12, 2010

SICK week

All 3 of our kids got strep during the past week and a half. Makayla had been on antibiotics for 6 days and by the end of day 6 her temp was 103.7 ON ANTIBIOTICS! We knew something was wrong so I took her to the ER Tuesday night. The doc ran a bunch of tests and came back telling me it was a good thing I didn't wait to bring her in. (Her docs emergency line told me I didn't have to bring her to the ER as long as she was seen with 24 hrs.) When she said she had pneumonia I panicked but she immediately told me that it was only in the left lung and we caught it super early. Thank God. So they gave her super powered antibiotics and she has been fever free for the past few days. A very long week indeed.

Sleeping and sick babies

It got really cold one night so I got to put the boy in his awesome fleece footed pjs I bought him. SO CUTE! He was in trouble and so I put him in the corner and I couldn't help but take a pic of his cuteness. I am a sucker for that kid even when he is in trouble.

I got the kids those Be KOOOL strips to help with the fever. They loved them and it really kept their fevers down.

Makayla in the hospital. Poor baby. They did a flu test which really freaked her out because they went far up her nose. She got an x-ray and then a shot for her pneumonia so she got a yummy Popsicle and then the nurse brought her a choice of a cute little notebook, a game or some magnets and of course my little artist choose the notebook. :)

Our week in a nutshell. Pneumonia is a very scary word for a parent to hear. So thankful we caught it early. I also got sick but mine got better in just a few short days. I have lots of stuff to share and post about when things calm down a little more. Macie went back to school today and Makayla is home with me until next week.

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