Thursday, July 19, 2012

Are you kidding me??

Did you know that if you have ever had chicken pox the virus remains in your spine forever? Did you know that if you become super stressed it can reappear as shingles?

How do I know this? Well because it happened to me. A few days ago I noticed a little rash on my left leg. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to something and took some benadryl. By the next day it had spread up my leg and was incredibly painful. I called my mother-in-law who used to be a nurse and she told me it sounded like shingles and to go to the er. By the time I got there I was shaking and had tears in my eyes from the pain. They knew right away that yes it was shingles. I was shocked! I honestly had only heard of older people getting that.

They asked if I have been stressed and I replied yes. ( I try to keep my blog happy so I don't talk about everything here.) The doctor told me that it was brought on by stress and gave me $300 worth of prescriptions and sent me home.

I was given really good pain killers (MUCH stronger than a normal ER gives in prescriptions) and I can honestly say that they don't touch the pain. It is in a word excruciating. Like needles set on fire. I caught mine super early so it is very mild compared to a full out outbreak. But oh my gosh I just want the pain to stop. I can only take the painkillers at night when I don't have to deal with the kids. They don't knock me out but let's just say they impair my judgement.

So now I wait. I wait for the meds to kick in fully and for the pain to go away. Needless to say I haven't felt like blogging. I'm on insane doses of all the meds and they make me feel weighed down. This is so not how I want to spend my days right now.

You can bet money that after I am healed I am getting the shingles vaccination so this never happens again. I had chickenpox when I was five. 24 years later it came back to haunt me.

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