Thursday, July 19, 2012

At 11:00 p.m

These last few weeks have been very bad for us. It started with the girls having to stay inside due to their sun rash. Then I came down with the shingles(see below post). I am in a lot of pain and the meds I am on make me loss my appetite. But later at night I start to get hungry. I'm on a bad schedule. I've been staying up till 2:00 a.m or later trying to fight my pain. I have had to yell at the kids too much because I just need to rest. It's just been bad for us. Tonight around 11:00 the girls came into my room wide awake(kids have been staying up till 1:00am or later some nights) and told me they were hungry. It had been a bad day. Again. My first thought was to get upset and shoo them to bed once again. Instead I told them to get in the car.

We made a trip to Taco Bell. Just me and my girls. At 11:00p.m. We talked about lots of different things. We ordered a few things and drove home. The girls both choose nachos and they sat at the table eating their late night snack. I never let my kids eat late at night. Ever. But tonight we needed it. We needed something that wasn't all bad. I hope my girls enjoyed the 20 minutes of late night mama time. I just had to say yes tonight. Now I'm laying here in pain despite all the pain killers in me. This has to end soon.

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