Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A realization

I had a realization last night. I can't do it all.

There I said it. I'm trying to magically balance raising 3 kids, having a perfect house, occasionally babysitting for some extra cash, caring for pets and getting my degree. It's not working too well. Even with 7 extra free hours each day I am still falling short. And of course I would love to fit in time for hobbies like scrapbooking ( oh how I miss it) and crocheting.

I'm not perfect and as much as I would love to be the perfect homemaker (think Bree on Desperate Housewives) it's just not possible. I have to figure out what is the most important RIGHT NOW!

Hubs and I discussed it all last night. There are 2 things I am going to put my all into right now.

1. My kids. This goes without saying but they need lots of love and attention and raising them takes almost everything I have.

2. My degree. Of course my house needs to stay clean but not everything has to be perfect. At least not at this stage in our lives. My degree is crucial. Two incomes is way better than just one. We want a home of our own and we want to travel and show the kids the world. Getting my degree and starting a career does this. It's time to crack down. I just have a few more months of work to finish and I will have a career.

I can do this. There will be a time when everything in our home is picture perfect but it isn't now. Now is the time for action.


  1. What are you getting your degree in? Don't worry about your home. Our home is in constant chaos right now.

  2. Hi Linda. I'm getting a degree in medical claims and billing. :-)