Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Lights Adventure

One of my best friends who lives close to me came up with the idea of taking our kids to look at Christmas lights one night. We finally both had an evening open so we went last night.

I packed cute little snack bags for the kids filled with some powdered donuts and chewy chocolate chip cookies. I finished it off with little mini boxes of Yoo-Hoo. They loved it!

As we were driving around all we could do was laugh because as it turns out................ Goodie bags filled with sugar at 7:00 pm isn't actually the smartest idea when you have 5 kids in the car. Every light they saw they were yelling and screaming in excitement. It was magnified by the sugar.

At one point the kids bust out with a random chorus of "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. This led me to have to open my door at a red light and spit Dr. Pepper out before I spit it out in the car from laughing so hard. Good times I tell you.

My bestie and I also exchanged gifts. I bought her some stuff from Bath and Body Works and she got me bath stuff from Macy's and Kohls where she works. The stuff from Macy's is from Madonna's line and smells so very good. I love it!

Despite the kids being insanely hyper we had a good time. And then I came home and took some aspirin to give me a break from the pounding headache I had acquired between the kids screaming and singing. Like I said... Good times!!


  1. sounds like a really fun night! even if it did magnify by sugar and end up with a headache. sometimes it`s just worth it!:-)

  2. Yep it was worth it!:-) we had a lot of fun. I have been trying to comment on your blog the last few days but now it's not letting me. So just know I am reading. I just have to figure out why it is stopping me from commenting now. It might be cause I read on my phone only.