Friday, December 14, 2012

Polar Express Pajama Day

Today was the day! Every year my kids look forward to Polar Express pajama day at school. This was the boys first year and they were so excited. They get to watch the Polar Express, drink hot cocoa and eat popcorn. They are also allowed to bring their robes, a small blanket, pillow and/or stuffed animal.

There are only two of my children in these pictures because in true Macie fashion she decided to throw her teenage attitude around and ruin yet another morning. We don't have nice calm mornings anymore. Sigh.

The other two were perfectly happy to pose for me though. It's so fun to see all the kids dropped off in pajamas and the teachers wear them as well. So fun!!

Tomorrow we are headed to my best friends house for a day of baking. We have approx 15 items we are making and we have to make enough to divide each by three families. Oh yes we are that ambitious. But it's gonna be awesome! Have a great weekend dear readers. :-)

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