Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning

Hubs had told the kids that we wouldn't open gifts until at least 7:00 am. The kids woke me up around 4:45. When I told them to go back to bed all three of them started acting awful. I mean awful. Fighting and yelling. Finally hubs woke up a little and sent them all back to bed.

Around 8:30 they woke up and were in a much better mood. I think all the anticipation woke them up so early. We had the kids sit down and go through their stockings first. Most years I stick to $1 stuff as stocking stuffers. This year I went crazy and bought some really awesome things that were more than $1 each.

After the stockings were down I passed out all the gifts from us and Santa and the kids had a blast opening everything. This year the most requested toys were Legos and Monster High.

After the gifts were all opened I made our traditional Christmas morning breakfast. There were two different kinds of cinnamon rolls, bacon and scrambled eggs. We all ate and then the rain and storm hit. I also got a text from my mother-in-law saying their power was out. We had planned to spend the day there so all of a sudden our Christmas day plans were uncertain. ( More on that in the next post.)

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