Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lost in a jungle

On Saturday when we were at my aunts the boy and my mom went outside to play. They were gone quite a while and I eventually made my way out to find them. They were playing like they were lost in an African jungle. It was the absolute cutest thing EVER. The boy was gathering twigs and pretending he was cooking a fish over the open fire. My mom was pretending to be upset they were lost and the boy kept telling her "Relax. I've been lost for 9 years. I know what I'm doing." Haha. 

I love seeing the kids creative play. So much better than the times they are glued to a screen. Between their tablets, tv and my phone it's hard to get them to actually play. 

1 comment:

  1. It's great to hear about his outside play and imagination! Too much tv and such for kids these days...mine included!

    Looks like the kids had a great Easter!

    Sorry to hear about your beloved pet! I know how they become part of the family and how hard it is when they die.