Monday, April 21, 2014

The Easter that wasn't on Easter

When I look back on my past blog posts I realize that the ones where I just talked about our day to day lives are my favorite. A lot of times I don't blog because I'm thinking oh that's boring. But I'm going to start recording our day to day more often. 

This Easter was quite different from previous  years. Since I had to work on Easter we had to switch it up a bit. The girls know the truth about the Easter bunny but the boy doesn't. The bunny had to come and leave the eggs a day early this year. We always do the egg hunt at my aunts. So Saturday we headed over there and the kids had a blast. Then I kissed them all bye and left because I had to be at work the next day. The bunny left the baskets for them at home until they got back Sunday night. So they basically had 2 days of Easter. I'll post the ones from at home later. These pics are just from my aunts. There are more of the boy because he doesn't mind having his picture taken nearly as much as the girls. 

My mom crocheted the girls cute little chicks and the boy a ninja chick. They were such a hit. 

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  1. Happy Easter! Those knitted chicks are adorable :)