Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goodbye Summer

Our summer started off with a bang but got quite intense the last few weeks. Lots of sibling fights and extreme 3 digit temps for over a month straight made it rather unbearable. But we did survive and I figured I would post a little summer recap.

* The kids took swim lessons with a family friend and loved it. By the end the girls were swimming without using any floaties at all.

* We went blueberry picking and still have a few bags left in the freezer.

* Went to a birthday party at an awesome little water park!

* Made a trip to the beach with our amazingly wonderful friends.

* Threw the girls a huge moon bounce birthday party!

* Went to Sonic for happy hour slushes a number of times.

* Spend a ton of time in the pool with friends.

* We grilled out so many times with friends I can't even count them all.

All in all I would say our summer was a pretty good one. The heat was insane but we made a lot of memories with the kiddos.

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